UK call for proposals
Build Beyond Borders !

The University Paris Seine opens this UK Call for Proposals with following objectives:

• to create sustainable cooperation synergies between University Paris Seine and institutions of international renowned [NE1] in the field of knowledge such as: research and higher education institutions and value-added businesses able to attract and recruit talent ;

• to attract academic, research and investment projects from top-level institutions that involve an essential knowledge component and a strong international dimension.

The UK Call for Proposals is structured in two parts:


The call for ideas is the first phase in this process to attract on our campus, academic and research projects, which should be articulated with University Paris Seine policy. During this first phase, the candidate institutions will present their ideas of proposals for institutional collaborations with University Paris Seine members. Proposals will implicitly lead to land parcels on the Paris Seine International Campus, you may occupy completely or partially. The evaluation of the proposals will be made by an Assessment Committee, which will pay particular attention to the reputation and solvency of the candidate institution, the interest of the research and academic project proposals and its viability. In this first phase, a number of proposals will be selected, those that meet the requirements both in terms of quality and viability


The second phase to come will be the call for projects, which will pay attention to the terms of programming of academic and research projects, urban planning, and financing model. In the call for projects phase, the project proposals are subject to negotiations between the candidate and University Paris Seine. On demand, candidates are welcomed to visit University Paris Seine Campus.

To know more about the UK call for proposals, please click here for a short summary and here for the full presentation.